Stephanie T. Keefer

Los Angeles native and award winning actress, Stephanie T. Keefer, first stepped on stage in 5th grade when the kid playing Eeyore got sick.  From there, Keefer went on to earn degrees in both Drama and English from the University of California, Irvine, where she had the opportunity to study with legendary Polish theater director Jerzy Grotowski.

Upon graduating, she re-started the Theater Department at Santa Ana High School, and after 15 years of running the show, Keefer left to act professionally.  A commercial agency signed Keefer soon after, and she landed her TV debut that year in an under 5 on The Young & the Restless where she said the word “splenectomy” with grave concern.  The following year, she booked a national commercial.

Good start!

One DanceWith the WGA strike interrupting progress, Keefer proactively took charge of her career and created SilverArrow Productions. The first production was the short ONE DANCE. Keefer adapted the script, produced and acted.  ONE DANCE was an official selection at the San Francisco Black Film Festival, the LA Femme Film Festival and Keefer won Best Performance in a Short at the SoCal Film Festival.

One Dance Trailer

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Because of the film’s connection to the San Francisco Black Film Festival, Badami Productions contacted Keefer, licensing and broadcasting ONE DANCE nationally over CBS and FOX stations for a 3-month period.


A Girl, A Guy, A Space HelmetKeefer’s first lead in a feature film was playing the corporate villain Ms. Goetz in A Girl, A Guy, a Space Helmet directed by Mike Timm. The film won awards at the Maryville Film Festival, the Nyack Film Festival, the Sunset Film Festival, and Keefer won Best Actress at the Maryville Film Festival.  Space Helmet is represented for distribution by Pathfinder Films, LTD.

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Moving On


Recently, SilverArrow Productions produced its second film, Moving On.  This short dramedy about starting over again in mid-life stars Keefer and is her directorial debut.  Moving On is an Official Selection of both the SoCal Film Festival and the LA Femme International Film Festival.

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Stephanie T. Keefer

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